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lifestyle and mental health

Restoring Sanity in the 21st Century
"You can never get enough of what you don't really need, but you can certainly ruin your life and health trying." - Dr. Roger Walsh  The 21st century is becoming an increasingly bizarre time, when a significant portion of humanity seems to be conducting a massive, unprecedented, world-wide lifestyle experiment. As Roger discusses in this video, people are spending more and more time indoors in artificial, nature free environments, with low-level artificial lighting. We are eating high calorie and nutrient-poor diets, and tend to get very little exercise compared to previous generations. We are completely and totally immersed in the online multimedia world, and exist as parts of huge, largely impersonal, often anonymous communities like Facebook, Reddit, or Twitter.

In other words, today's human beings are living very differently than their ancestors - and truth be told, we are only beginning to understand the impact …

who are we and why are we here?

by Anne Baring
Early in the twentieth century, French artist Odilon Redon painted a picture of the Cyclops. Its single eye gazes down on the flower-strewn expanse where a naked woman lies in a brilliantly luminous landscape. To me, the image of the Cyclops reflects the constriction as well as the inflation of the modern human mind: ignorant of the vast dimensions of planetary and cosmic life on which it rests and out of which it has evolved, it believes itself to be in control of nature, including its own. The painting evokes the much-quoted words of William Blake, “May God us keep from the single vision and Newton’s sleep.”

Yet the painting also communicates a tremendous sadness, the sadness of a one-eyed consciousness that is cut off from its ground, that has no relationship with soul or with nature – personified in Redon’s painting by the woman lying on a flower-strewn ground. The rational or literal secular eye stands lonely and supreme, alienated from the landscape o…