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profound meditation

by Devin Wilson
For thousands of years, humans have been creating new spiritual technologies. Their forms are numerous: music, dance, art, poetry, magic, ritual, systems of social and professional conduct, rigorous physical and mental disciplines. This endeavor may well be the most diverse and concerted effort in all of history. As the centuries pass, we slowly bring to light the endlessly mysterious process of opening, of waking up.

Today, we are excited to announce a new step in this epic journey: an audio meditation program that will deepen your practice dramatically.
In our modern times, it's easy to forget what is possible when we truly slow down. In a world pressing us constantly with "more" and "faster", it's easy to ask, why practice at all?
But when you meditate, you shift into a whole new frame. Distractions quiet down and recede. Layer upon layer of confusion falls away. Your clarity increases. You settle, and the locks around your …

love haiku

rose petals scattering the sound of my heart breaking into pieces
Teijo Nakamura