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healing properties of creedite

Creedite is a rare calcium aluminium sulfate fluoro hydroxide mineral that usually forms from the oxidation of fluorite ore deposits. It occurs mostly on fluorite-calcite-quartz matrix.
Creedite was named after Creede Quadrangle, Mineral county in Colorado, where it was first discovered in 1916. It was also found in Nevada, Arizona, California, and Mexico. There are also some deposits in Bolivia, China, as well as in Kazahstan and Tajikistan. 
It forms monoclinic prismatic crystals that may resemble sharp blades or needles clustered together. The crystals may be either colorless or white, pale to dark orange, pinkish or violet, either translucent or transparent.

It is believed that creedite helps align the upper chakras, especially the throat and the crown chakras, and expand awareness. This allows an undisturbed access to higher realms and a better expression of one's own spirituality. The gem may also help facilitate connection and improve communication with oth…

anahata - the heart chakra

The heart chakra or Anahata is the fourth of the seven chakras in the energy body. It is believed to be the seat of compassion which is located at the level of the physical heart, at the center of the chest. Maintaining a healthy heart chakra, will go a long way in providing good physical,emotional, as well as spiritual health for yourself. In this article, I will try and help you assess the condition of your heart chakra, so you can determine if yours is under active or over active.

This fourth chakra is responsible for the organs in your body that have actions of expansion and contraction. The heart and lungs are some examples. It is also closely tied with the movements of the arms and hands.
If this special chakra of ours is correctly balances, we feel self-accepted as well as show acceptance towards others. We are also prone to follow our own beliefs and values, rather than what is laid down to us by friends, family, religion, and society.
If you have an under acti…