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the five minutes cure for your monkey mind

by Ron Atchison
We're all looking for the right answers, aren't we? We look in self-help books and churches and seek out teachers and therapists and gurus and astrologists and some folks even hire fortune tellers. But what if I told you the best way to find what you're looking for is to stop looking?
Sometimes we look and search too much. Our minds are filled with knowledge, facts and philosophies but we never find peace because we can't stop thinking!
Many Buddhist teachers refer to this phenomenon as 'monkey-mind' because it's similar to the way a monkey will swing from tree to tree tasting a banana from each one before dropping it and moving to the next tree. Like these monkeys, we often jump from thought to thought without ever really being in the present moment.

The cure for this is to make a conscious effort to quiet the mind. Or take what I like to refer to as a 'mental vacation.'
There are many different techniques …

embrace the future

Although many continue to deny it, overwhelming evidence shows that life conditions in our world are improving dramatically in just about every domain for more people than ever before in history. If the prophets of progress coming to us from fields as diverse as economics, psychology, and technological innovation are right, then we may have a non-metaphysical, non-faith-based source of hope and possibility for salvation in our midst. And this “good news” is based upon our own extraordinary achievements.

This is not to deny that we have enormous problems to solve and unexpected disasters to face. It’s just that if they’re right - and I believe that they are - we have good reason to feel a lot better about ourselves and our collective future. Maybe this could inspire us not to fear the future, but to be even more deeply, spiritually motivated to create a better future - and in doing so, become unapologetically positive about our role as evolving human beings at this time …