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are minds confined to brains?

by Ruppert Sheldrake
Materialism is the doctrine that only matter is real. Hence minds are in brains, and mental activity is nothing but brain activity. This assumption conflicts with our own experience. When we look at a blackbird, we see a blackbird; we do not experience complex electrical changes in our brains. But most of us accepted the mind-within-the-brain theory before we ever had a chance to question it. We took it for granted as children because it seemed to be supported by all the authority of science and the educational system.

In his study of children's intellectual development, the Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget found that before about the age of ten or eleven, European children were like "primitive" people. They did not know that the mind was confined to the head; they thought it extended into the world around them. But by about the age of eleven, most had assimilated what Piaget called the "correct" view: "Images and thoughts …

a fortune teller told me

About ten years ago a friend told me that he had just finished reading one of the most remarkable stories he ever read. Intrigued by his account I ran to a bookstore and bought the book. Believe me, I could not stop reading until I found out what happened in the end. 
Now, years later, A Fortune Teller Told Me still remains one of my favorite books. It is a perfect book for the summer, a perfect book for anyone who wishes to reflect upon his good or bad fortune.

Warned by a Hong Kong fortune-teller not to risk flying for an entire year, the author Tiziano Terzani - a very experienced Asia correspondent for the German magazine Der Spiegel - took what he called “the first step into an unknown world." He followed the advice and experienced the most extraordinary time of his life. He was marked for death, but instead experienced an incredible personal transformation which he is not shy to call rebirth.

Traveling by foot, boat, bus, car, and train, he visited Myanmar, Thailand,…


The Buddha said that no true spiritual life is possible without a generous heart... Generosity allies itself with an inner feeling of abundance - the feeling that we have enough to share. - Sharon Salzberg in Lovingkindness

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