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To live a pure  unselfish life one must count nothing  as one's own  in the midst of abundance.
The Buddha

thank you

After a long and arduous journey a young Japanese man arrived deep in a forest where the teacher of his choice was living in a small house he had made.  

When the student arrived, the teacher was sweeping up fallen leaves. Greeting his master, the young man received no greeting in return. And to all his questions, there were no replies.  
Realizing there was nothing he could do to get the teacher’s attention, the student went away to settle down in another part of the same forest and to build himself a house.  
Years later, when he was sweeping up fallen leaves, he became enlightened. He dropped everything  and ran through the forest to his teacher to say “Thank you.”
~ - ~
Story told by  John Cage in his book Silence. This story is also quoted in Kay Larson’s recent biography: Where the Heart Beats
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waking up the cosmic serpent

DNA Activation by Timber Wolf

Some people believe that although we have twelve strands of DNA we only use two strands to build our bodies. Apparently the ten unused strands are called shadow or junk DNA by scientists.
 Cosmic Serpent by Jully Flynt
Similar to our brain, our DNA has inactive segments to it. With our brain, according to popular belief, we only use approximately 10%. With only 2 active strands in our DNA out of 12, we are only using 16.67% of the available capability stored within our DNA.

What would life be life be like if we could tap into the potential of the 12 strands of our DNA? It has been reported that when your DNA is fully engaged and active you are able to experience many things. Among these are:
a reinvigorated and youthful feeling greater enthusiasm in undertaking daily chores create new patterns of behaviour overwriting the old patterns develop your intuition strengthen, refine and deepen your meditations increase your fundamental and extra-sensory …