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bodies of light

A new book is taking people into another dimension of being. Bodies of Light offers a simple technique that can be learned in a relatively short time. Once mastered, the technique helps you align your energies with the universal source of Light.

From the bookseller website:
Are you ready to begin the ultimate journey into the light? Bodies of Light is an adventure into your own energetic field. You are on the road to your very "best life" within the light. Be whatever you desire. Have whatever you desire. Do whatever you desire. For it's all within the light! Unlimited quantities of energy are within your grasp this very moment. Every body can do it - everyone and everyone's body.

You are about to clear your chakras and meridians with a method like tai chi or qi gong. It's like doing acupuncture with self-directed thought every time you do it! Discover how the light can be used to repair strands of your DNA. Learn how to wash away dis-ease from your body w…

ahamkara mudra

Ahamkara mudra is one of the most powerful mudras for self-assertion and confidence. It helps the practitioner to combat fear and dispel timidity and find his or her center of being.

Ahamkara is a Sanskrit term to describe egoism, self-conceit or the self-consciousness. The word means literally "I-maker."

To form ahamkara mudra bend your index finger slightly. Place your thumb on the middle phalanx of the index finger and exert a slight pressure Keep the middle, ring and small fingers stretched out.

Ahamkara mudra should be formed with both hands during meditation. You should be able to hold it for a few minutes and perform it on regular basis, especially if fear and doubt dominate your daily affairs. This mudra will help you strengthen your will to face difficulties without fear. It will empower you and give you courage on your personal journey. 

By Dominique Allmon

Dominique Alllmon©2014