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planting the seeds of goodness

By cultivating the beautiful we scatter the seeds of heavenly flowers, as by doing good we cultivate those that belong to humanity • Robert A. Heinlein

We may never know how many dreams may have been destroyed by the words of others. How many lives took a different turn because of lack of encouragement? 
What if you could have been a very different person if only someone did not repeat it to you over and over again that you are useless? What if you gave up long time ago because people who loved you told you that you would never make it? What if someone told you that you were too stupid, too ugly, too poor, too young, too old to even make it in a big world? What if that person was someone you loved and trusted? 
What if the chronic seed of insecurity was planted in your heart long time ago and today you still struggle to become a respected human being? 
I know people who had chosen “smaller” lives because their wings were cut off when they were young. Like many others I als…

white lotus meditation

Like a lotus flower  that grows out of the mud  and blossoms  above the muddy water surface,  we can rise above  our defilements  and sufferings of life. 

Imagine that you are a lotus seed buried beneath a muddy lotus pond. There is mud all around you, and you can feel them clearly. Above you, above this muddy pool of dirt, mud and filth, are sunshine and air. You are not disheartened as you begin your journey towards the surface. 
With a determined heart, you begin to wiggle in the earth. You grow roots deep, deep into the mud. Your little stem grows up slowly. Suddenly, "pop" you are out of the mud! Your stem grows higher and higher, taller and taller. You rise up slowly fighting against the muddy water. All of a sudden, you are out of the muddy pond! You reach up towards the warm sun, shining down on you. 
Your lotus bud begins to grow on top of your stem. It expands and grows larger and larger, finally bursting into full bloom. A white lotus flower. You stand beautifully above th…