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snow buries the bamboo

Heaped with snow, bamboos in the garden bend and topple - flocks of sparrows hunting for another roost
Translation: Burton Watson 

Image: Snow covered Bamboo by Dominique Allmon©2018 

thank you for arguing

The Death of Socrates - Jacques Louis David, 1787 Insults are the arguments
employed by those  who are in the wrong.
- Jean-Jacques Rousseau The lack of civility in public space nowadays is appalling. There is so much abuse on social media, that it is almost impossible to make a statement or discuss anything intelligently anymore without being insulted by those who disagree with you. Once the barrier of civility is broken, there is no stop to the flow of epithets derived from human anatomy and physiology or from the animal kingdom.

An intelligent, knowledgeable person is in full command of the language he or she uses and does not have to resort to insults, cursing, vulgarities, and such. Intelligent arguments are based in grammar, logic, and rhetoric and are backed by knowledge, imagination, and experience. Unfortunately modern students are not taught the art of rhetoric anymore. The arguments are won in verbal fistfights whereas everybody must agree or else. Any divergent thou…